Why wait until clients ask for multilingual content? Here are six reasons why connecting with a professional translation partner now is a good idea.

A partner for proposals

If an RFP includes translation, fast access to solid information about process and pricing will give you an edge over your competition. We’ll work with you to estimate cost and turnaround time. Once you’ve won the project, save time and money by consulting with us to create translation-friendly digital and print materials.

Access to a network of multilingual talent

Finding, screening, and managing bilingual copywriters is what we do, every day. We have the resources to make sure your translation team has strong writing skills and the right subject matter expertise.

Technical savvy

When it comes to platforms for translating digital media, you have a lot of choices. We’ll help you figure it out. Our team will use their knowledge and skills to plan the most efficient localization process for your client’s budget.

Coordinating global branding

Global advertising and marketing needs to resonate with local markets. What we Americans find funny or meaningful might not be appreciated elsewhere. A cultural review of source materials raises “red flags” at the start to create a culture-neutral source. For in-depth localization, transcreation takes the process a step further. Guided by a creative brief, bilingual copywriters can adapt your message for a foreign audience while preserving the spirit of the source.

Avoid the pitfalls of client review

The in-country client review is a typical trouble spot for localized campaigns. If the client’s review team doesn’t have the time, expertise, and language skills to provide actionable feedback, delays are inevitable. We’ll provide clear instructions and standards for in-country review to help your client make the most of the internal review process.

Calm your concerns about quality assurance

Multilingual style guides, glossaries, and translation technologies ensure consistency across multiple translation projects. Automated processes for quality assurance and translation updates provide an additional layer of confidence in the final deliverable.

Why wait?

Partner with MTM LinguaSoft to deliver brand-consistent, compelling content to delight your clients and help them achieve their marketing goals in foreign and domestic multilingual markets. Browse our portfolio of marketing and advertising translation projects, and reach out to discuss your clients’ specific needs.

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