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world trade center of greater philadelphiaForeign Language Landing Page*

One language – $300  •  Additional languages – $275 each

A Foreign Language Landing Page is not a complete translation of your website (although we can do that). It is a summary of core information about your products and services in one another language. There are a lot of customers out there who, although they know some English, are more comfortable using their own language. (See article) And they usually conduct their web searches in that language. A Foreign Language Landing Page welcomes potential foreign customers by giving them a basic introduction to your company in their own language. It also increases the likelihood that your company will come up in their web searches.

You write the summary in English and we translate it into the language or languages of the markets you choose to target. We then create a landing page for each language from the translated text, using your existing site as a template to give the page the same look as your English site. The landing page will be linked to your English home page so that customers with a serious interest in your products or services can easily proceed to your complete website for more information.

For more information about what’s involved in creating foreign language landing pages, read our FAQs.

*This offer includes translation of up to 1,000 words of text, including keywords, descriptions and other data for search engines; design of the landing page, using your English website and graphics as a basis; proper coding of the page so that the language displays correctly; and the inclusion of links from the landing page to your home page and from your home page to the landing page. Copywriting in English and localization of graphics, if necessary, would be charged separately. We will advise you of any extra charges and quote them separately before the work commences.

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