Why Choose Us? (Freelancers)

With MTM LinguaSoft, you focus on your core expertise in applied linguistics while trusting us with the administrative challenges of localization project management.

When you work with MTM LinguaSoft you can count on:

Open communication

Our project managers are skilled liaisons between linguists and end-clients. We help clients articulate their needs in order to answer your questions and support your work. We do the work of educating the end-client so that you can meet your own high standards for quality translation. Our multi-lingual, multicultural staff are trained to meet the challenges of cross-cultural communication.

Trusted quality control

We value partners for their professionalism as well as their language skills. Each project is carefully staffed so that proofreaders are not asked to re-work poorly translated material. If editors make changes, translators are given detailed feedback. Our experience in working across cultural boundaries has taught us that misunderstandings and differences of opinion are not always “mistakes.”

Technical expertise

Our company president has a solid professional background in information technology. Our staff follows the latest software developments to ensure friction-free delivery of source texts and finalized projects. You can trust our information management skills to protect the integrity of your work and reduce the time you spend on non-language-related administrative tasks. CAT tools and computer-generated translation can facilitate human translation, but they can never replace it.

A commitment to the profession

We want to develop trusting, supportive and sustainable relationships with the people we work with, and we understand that independent contractors serve a variety of clients. Should you require a reference, please ask us and we will be happy to speak honestly about the quality of your work. We demonstrate our commitment to you by paying promptly, within 35-40 days of invoice. The bottom line is we want you to succeed in your career because we want to continue partnering with you!

Our pledge to support the professionalism of independent linguists reflects our own understanding of the importance of fair dealing and open communication in business.


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