MTM LinguaSoft partnered with Pavone, a full-service advertising agency based in Harrisburg, PA, to translate the PA Gas Switch website for Spanish-speaking Pennsylvania residents. PA Gas Switch is a tool provided by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to help Pennsylvanians compare natural gas prices. The site provides information on suppliers and rates, consumer rights and protections, and energy-saving tips.

We faced some initial challenges during the content export process. Our first challenge was setting up the website’s Drupal CMS for multilingual support. We worked with Pavone’s development team to install the necessary modules so that content could be exported and re-imported into the site. Drupal exported in a few different formats, including XML and CSV. After testing both, we settled on CSV, which was better suited to the CAT tool, and required less file preparation. However, the CSV spreadsheet format required that we be aware of the risks of character encoding corruption while using Excel spreadsheets.

We also ran a pseudo translation to catch any encoding issues, to see where text expansion might cause problems, and to confirm that all content was captured in the export. Our US Spanish team translated and rewrote the copy to suit the target audience of US Spanish speakers. Localization testing and review ensured launch readiness. Thank you to Pavone for choosing to partner with us on this website translation project.

View the translated site here: