Document to be translated: To get a firm quote you will need to provide the actual document that you want translated. If the document is in electronic format, submit the document in its native, editable format (Word, Excel, InDesign, etc.). If you cannot submit the original document, a contingent quote can be prepared from a PDF.

If you cannot submit the actual document, we can base an estimate of translation costs on some basic information:

  • An approximate word count.
  • The number and size of pages in the document.
  • A description of the subject matter and technical level of the document.

Languages for Translation: You will need to know the language or languages you want as well as the location of the audience. For example, is the French for France or Canada? Is the Spanish for somewhere in the U.S., Spain, Mexico, Latin America?

Timeframe: When will the document be ready for translation and how quickly does the translation need to be completed? Is there a firm deadline involved?