Last year, to mark MTM LinguaSoft’s 10th anniversary, we sponsored a project of Translators Without Borders to translate manuals for fixing pumps that brought clean water to African villages.

translators without borders ebola donation flyer

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This year we are renewing our sponsorship of TWB to help in their  in West Africa. One of the major reasons that it has been so difficult to contain the epidemic is a lack of knowledge and misinformation. So, while clinics and healthcare workers are sorely needed, education of the population is just as important.

In a survey in Sierra Leone, one of the hardest hit by the epidemic, UNICEF found these common beliefs:

  • 30% believed Ebola was transmitted via mosquitos
  • 30% believed it was an airborne disease.
  • 20% believed treatment by spiritual healers is effective.
  • 42% believed hot salt water baths are an effective cure.

Meanwhile, a lot of the information to counter these beliefs is available only in English, although, for example, only 13% of women in Sierra Leone speak English. TWB is helping to change this situation. We know our donation will be put to use in several ways:

  • Translating simple messages, posters, and PSAs into critical languages including Krio, Mende, and Temne.
  • Building awareness that information must be in the right language.
  • Managing a Rapid Response Team.
  • Training new translators for rapid response.

We are proud to support the great work that TWB is doing in this crisis as well as in other areas of need.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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