WordSmithie, a brand and content development team, came to MTM LinguaSoft for translation of a global campaign for a major multinational company. The campaign involved short stories about three small businesses, all of which had achieved great success through the use of the company’s advertising product. The businesses themselves were very diverse, including a Brooklyn-based custom children’s furniture company, a Bedouin lifestyle camp in Jordan, and a manufacturer of Indian-motif novelty items based in Bangalore, India. The stories were to be adapted into Arabic, Czech, German, Swiss German, Dutch, French, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Russian, European Spanish, and Latin American Spanish.

Wordsmithie wanted to be sure that the stories were not simply translated but were actually transcreated – rewritten where necessary in a style and words that would connect with the local audience. For the project MTM LinguaSoft specifically chose translators who were also creative copywriters.

To guide the translator-authors in meeting the client’s expectations, MTM LinguaSoft supplied them with a creative brief that described the intended audience and the tone expected, gave specific style and usage guidelines for consistency, and provided links to a variety of reference materials. The proofreader-copywriters, in turn, were instructed to review the monolingual translations without referring to the source text and to flag any content that would be incomprehensible or inappropriate for the target audience. This ensured that the content was truly localized and no literal translations would fall through the cracks. The linguists also provided alternatives and rationales for any changes they suggested. The resulting multilingual stories would be used by the multinational company to market its services to small businesses around the world.

Transcreation, rather than simple translation, was important for this job since the stories were meant to market the company’s product and, thus, needed to read naturally in the target language and also to take into account local preferences and nuances. Transcreation assured that the message would be just as appealing to the local audiences as it was to English-speaking North Americans.