Global content is multilingual content. From patient-facing advertising to the most specialized technical content, a professional translation service takes your message worldwide. How can a language partner help med/pharma clients reach all audiences, in any language?

Multilingual patient information guides

A non-profit treatment community translated a fifty-page guide for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients into Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Providing emotional, social, and clinical support requires sensitivity to cultural differences around health and the role of family. Pre-translation cultural consulting ensured that text and graphics were adapted for each language group. Close collaboration between the client and language partner resulted in a successful multilingual outreach. Read more about this project.

Mobile app for cancer patients

A leading non-profit research organization developed a mobile app to help patients and caregivers share treatment information. Translation and localization of the app and supporting content, including a WordPress site, extended the service to Spanish-speaking audiences.  Medical translators with expertise in oncology ensured that translated content met the project’s Institutional Review Board standards for patient communication.

Multilingual blood donation campaign

A digital agency adapted a blood donation campaign for Spanish-speaking US audiences. Assets included e-mail templates, banner ads, landing pages, online offers and print ads. A cultural assessment prior to translation ensured that tag lines, colors, images and symbols appealed to the target audience. Transcreation adapted the copy to match the style and tone of the source, using popular Spanish-language idioms and word-play to engage and motivate the audience.

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A language partner can help you create accurate, compelling healthcare content to reach multilingual audiences and satisfy regulatory requirements. Contact us to discuss your language needs. Whether or not we work together soon, we look forward to sharing actionable insights for successful multilingual campaigns.