Articulate Rise was released in late 2016 for authoring e-learning for mobile devices. Since its release, Rise has become a favorite for developers of responsive courses. However, organizations with global workforces have encountered difficulties when translating and localizing Rise modules. Unlike Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, and many other popular authoring tools, Rise did not initially provide for content export and re-import in translation-friendly file formats.

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Content export is essential for localizing digital content such websites, e-learning, and mobile apps. Most authoring tools export Xliff files, which are compatible with the computer assisted translation (CAT) tools used by professional localizers. CAT tools ensure consistent terminology and auto-populates duplicated content in order to save time and effort on the part of the translators. CAT tools also allow translations to be saved and re-used when material is updated or replicated across multiple media.

In 2018, the Rise team introduced an export feature, but users encountered bugs. Some found that the exports were incompatible with the leading CAT tools; others reported formatting errors and missing content when translated files were uploaded back into Rise. While translated text appeared responsive, other types of content, such as interactive windows and images, was not. Manual interventions to correct these errors lead to higher localization engineering costs for Rise modules. As of this writing, these issues have not been fully addressed by the Articulate team.

At MTM LinguaSoft, our tech-savvy localization team can guide your localization project to a successful conclusion, no matter which authoring tool you’ve chosen. For our clients who use Rise, we’re aware of the inefficiencies of the existing export tools and have developed ways of working around them. If you have questions about cost-efficient e-learning authoring tools and workflows, our localization manager Ken Farrall will be happy to answer them. Send us a query using this form.

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