MTM LinguaSoft partnered with Living Beyond Breast Cancer to adapt and translate guides for women living with metastatic breast cancer, into Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Chinese and Tagalog. As LBBC Senior Director Janine Guglielmino explained, the mission of Living Beyond Breast Cancer is to reach women who need information and support. Trust is central to this endeavor. With respect to all LBBC outreach, Janine says that if women “don’t see themselves in it, they won’t trust that the information we’re providing is useful to them.” Making sure that multicultural audiences “see themselves” in the adapted guides required more than just translating the text. Cultural consultants assessed the source material and made recommendations for making it feel more resonant and personal, before the translation process began.

Beth Brodovsky invited Janine and MTM Linguasoft CEO Myriam Siftar to discuss the project on her podcast, “Driving Participation.” To hear their observations on how sensitive cultural adaptation can boost trust and involvement, click here to bring you to the podcast website.

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