transcreateMarketing and advertising copy takes hard work. Great copy requires multiple iterations of concept testing, rewriting, audience testing, and more re-writing.  A message must be finely tuned and perfectly crafted, and this takes time, money, and nerves of steel. But how do you manage the process in order to enter a market where your customers don’t speak English?  Recently, Brand Quarterly argued that there are only two strategies for localizing marketing messages: EITHER translate your English language materials directly, OR start completely fresh with a local advertising agency in every market you plan to reach. The problem with the first approach is no translator can craft a great message overnight. But, starting fresh in each language is not feasible either.

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There is a middle path, which we address in our most recent Quick Guide:  Transcreation.  You don’t have to choose between a literal, sub-par translation and an in-depth development of a whole new campaign. Transcreation engages creative services to deliver high-quality communications without delaying your launch or breaking your budget. The end result of the transcreation process is internationalized copy that expresses your brand, connects with your audience, and ensures that you continue to control the message.

In this Quick Guide, we describe the nuts and bolts of transcreation.  You will learn what questions to ask, what processes to expect, and what variables to take into account when buying transcreation.  We also explain how your language services provider can scale the localization process to suit your creative needs as well as your budget.  Whether you choose copy finishing, in-country cultural consulting, or in-depth full-service transcreation, MTM LinguaSoft can help you maintain the optimal balance between quality, speed, and cost.