MTM LinguaSoft provides technical translation and software localization to help you customize your product for foreign markets. Professional software localization services will help you attract international end-users, distributors and resellers.

More than half the world’s mobile subscribers are located in the Asia-Pacific region, and app localization is critical for this market. Africa and the Middle East are overtaking Europe as the second-largest regions for mobile subscribers. Global audiences rely more and more on their mobile devices for shopping, travel, education, and commerce.

We translate and localize

  • B2B desktop or cloud-based software
  • B2C desktop or cloud-based software
  • IoT software, e-learning software
  • industrial automation software
  • mobile apps
  • client portals, employee portals, distributor & reseller portals

Our consultative approach to software localization ensures close teamwork with our clients, especially with respect to localization engineering and localization testing. Your needs determine the workflow. We have the flexibility to handle a continuous localization workflow.

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See also our e-learning localization service page and samples.

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Connectify, Inc.

Independent School Management (ISM)

Omega Design



HTH Worldwide

Frontline Technologies

Devon IT