Process and Quality Assurance

MTM LinguaSoft is committed to responsive, personalized service. We care about our customers and we develop a business relationship with each and every client to understand the client’s individual needs.

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Our project managers guide your project to success from inception through to delivery. Your dedicated project manager will be your single point of contact and will develop an in-depth knowledge of your localization needs and ensure that your requirements and expectations are met for every project. The project manager’s role includes project planning and scheduling, client/team communication, cost control, project tracking, reporting, and troubleshooting.

For Quality Assurance on every language project, MTM LinguaSoft uses a multi-pronged approach that relies both on methodical project management practices and on continual efforts to improve quality. We always take into account the client’s particular needs and priorities to balance cost and quality for each individual project.

Three elements vital to a quality outcome in any project:

  1. Selection of language specialists with qualifications that match project requirements
  2. Regular communication with clients and linguists
  3. Follow-up with clients to address any issues and get feedback for future improvements

Ongoing efforts to improve quality:

  • Regular team meetings to share experiences, diagnose problems, and discuss possible solutions.
  • Regular quality assessments according to strict criteria.
  • Constant recruiting, screening and ongoing evaluation of specialized language professionals.
  • A minimum of two independent linguists for publication-quality translation projects.
  • Creation and maintenance of translation memories, style guides, and glossaries.
  • Automation of steps where possible to minimize the possibility of human error.
  • Continuing education on and research into the latest tools supporting efficient translation and localization process.

mtm linguasoft umbrellaWe take quality assurance very seriously, and have developed standardized, objective means for assessing quality through our QA Model for Linguistic Quality Assurance. For detailed information on our quality assurance process for translation and localization of documents, websites, software, and other materials, request a copy of our full set of Quality Control / Quality Assurance procedures and checklists.

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