Myriam Siftar, president of MTM LinguaSoft, a language services company in Philadelphia, was part of a panel of speakers at a seminar on Creating Partnerships in Emerging Markets. The event, which took place yesterday at the Turkish American Business Improvement & Development Council in New York City, was sponsored by the international trade association, NEXCO, and was aimed at business people interested in market opportunities in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Israel and Turkey.

Siftars presentation provided tips for communicating effectively with people from other cultures, specifically Middle Eastern cultures, while avoiding blunders that are commonly made in intercultural interactions. The other members of the panels were representatives of the five countries, each of whom spoke about business opportunities and practices in their own countries.

Originally from France, Siftar has a background working in international business and, as a result, has developed an awareness of and a methodology for addressing cultural issues that arise in global business settings. She is the co-author of an article about developing business relationships in the Middle East and North Africa that appeared in a special Middle East supplement to Multilingual magazine in 2006. She has also given other presentations on cross-cultural communications for other organizations, notably to the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia.