Myriam Siftar, president of MTM LinguaSoft, presented a workshop today at the annual conference of the Society for Technical Communication-Philadelphia Metro Chapter. Siftar’s workshop, “Technical Writing with Translation in Mind,” was an updated version of her successful presentation at the Practical Conference for Communication in Chattanooga, TN, last October, and is aimed at familiarizing technical writers with the translation process and giving them tips for preparing materials that will be translated into other languages.

Siftar’s workshop drew one of the biggest audiences of any conference workshop, and she received numerous compliments from the attendees as well requests for copies of the presentation. Translation issues have become a major concern for technical writers, whose clients are more often reusing their training, marketing and informational materials in foreign markets or for domestic, non-English-speaking audiences. MTM has seen a growing demand for translation and localization of all kinds of technical materials from user manuals to e-learning applications. The interest in Siftar’s workshop is another reflection of this growing demand.

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