Whether you need a production adapted for a multilingual audience, or you are developing new materials expressly for foreign markets, we know how to accurately convey your information while remaining true to the spirit of your message.

Pre-translation Cultural Consulting

Cultural references such as images, idioms, concepts, and colors can strike audiences in unintended ways. Pre-translation cultural consulting will raise red flags if specific elements need to be changed prior to localization.

Script Translation by Subject Matter Experts

Whether you are a manufacturer with a video explaining a specialized production technique, or a pharmaceutical company with a clinical training module, we have a subject matter expert with the writing skills to create a script that will resonate with your audience. Our linguists also provide accurate subtitling services.

Voice-over casting, recording, and production

We have handled recordings for many types of video and audio projects, including

  • commercial ads
  • promotional and how-to videos
  • e-learning modules
  • software prompts
  • audio tours

Your voice track is delivered according to your specifications. We will work with you to choose voice talents whose gender, age, tone, style, and regional accent would be most effective with your target audience.

Surveys and e-learning translation services

All of the elements of multimedia localization come together in surveys and e-learning. We also provide localization engineering and localization testing.

Do you need multimedia translation? Give us a call at 215-729-6765.


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