Bio-Pharm logoBio-Pharm is a pharmaceutical manufacturer and private labeler for some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry. When they wanted their website translated to reach a wider international audience, they came to MTM LinguaSoft.

The website had been designed using CakePHP, a web design tool. MTM LinguaSoft worked with the existing php files to create versions of the website in Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Spanish. The work also required changes to the style sheets for each site in order to accommodate the different scripts and text expansion.

MTM LinguaSoft delivered the translated files for posting on Bio-Pharm’s server, performed localization testing, and made all necessary adjustments before the foreign language sites were linked to the English language site and made accessible.

The foreign-language sites have now been live for several months and Bio-Pharm reports positive reactions from their international prospects.

screenshot of Bio-Pharm website

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