gpa-twitter-logoThe City of Philadelphia has been named a World Heritage City – the first in the United States.  To mark the occasion, Global Philadelphia Association partnered with filmmaker Sam Katz and University of Philadelphia professor Dr. David Brownlee to produce a 28-minute documentary about the history of our city.  The film celebrates the many political, economic, and cultural contributions made by Philadelphians from colonial times to the present day.

To make the film accessible to multilingual audiences at home and abroad, MTM LinguaSoft created subtitles in Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish, and Vietnamese. This type of translation project requires close collaboration with our client and our translators. Culturally specific concepts such as “white flight” and “urban renewal” must be carefully translated in order to accurately convey their meaning within the constraints of the subtitling format. For the European languages, the team also had to control for text expansion. And, when a language’s syntax differs significantly from English, matching visual images to spoken words can be a challenge. We worked with translators and reviewers who were familiar with US history to create  initial translated scripts. Global Philadelphia then performed an external review of the scripts with bilingual subject-matter experts, and MTM LinguaSoft incorporated their suggestions and finished the subtitling process.

We are proud of our role in sharing Philadelphia: America’s First World Heritage City with multilingual audiences.  Click below to see the Spanish version; all subtitled films are available for viewing on the Global Philadelphia Association YouTube channel.


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