The global business landscape seems to be changing minute-by-minute during this very difficult time. Clear communication is crucial. Accurate information about healthcare and business plans and policies is particularly important for navigating this crisis. We are here to help you reach out to employees, clients, and partners in their own language. 

The MTM LinguaSoft infrastructure is set up to allow all staff to work remotely from their homes or other locations. Our external linguistic resources are decentralized and located in the US and overseas, including countries with lockdowns. We have an extensive network of vetted resources, so if the “usual” resources are not available, we have other options to use as back-ups – just like our normal course of business when illness or other personal matters come up unexpectedly.  

Since February 22nd, we increased cleaning measures in the office to reduce possible contamination of surfaces, to protect our staff and families. Starting Thursday March 12th, we implemented a flexible work-from-home policy in order to limit exposure and practice social distancing.  

Project managers and our vendor manager are monitoring and inquiring regularly with our external linguistic resources about their continuity and contingency plans. If capabilities and deadlines are impacted, we will communicate with transparency and explore alternative workflows, including using automated translation followed by post-editing, and partnering with other language services companies to jointly address clients’ needs.

For any new requests, please email with as much details about your timelines as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at +1 215-729-6765.

On behalf of the whole team at MTM LinguaSoft, I wish good health for you and your family. Please stay safe.