We mentioned it in our latest blog post on WordPress translation and now we would like to make it official:

baby at laptop Photo Credit: Sylvain_Latouche via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Sylvain_Latouche via Compfight cc
It’s that easy! Okay, we may be exaggerating a little.

MTM LinguaSoft is pleased to announce that it now offers a full-service, highly-automated solution for translating and maintaining multilingual websites that can save you both time and money.

Through a technology partner, MTM LinguaSoft can hook you up to technology that automates many of the typical steps involved in website globalization projects. You can minimize or completely eliminate the time that your developers and engineers must spend on website localization work. It doesn’t matter which content management system you use, this technology will work with any of them. And you will still be getting the same high-quality professional human translation that you have come to expect from MTM LinguaSoft.

This solution also works for localizing online applications, including mobile apps. Localizing a mobile app is important. It can result in significantly more downloads. One study for Distomo showed that localizing text resulted in 128% more downloads and 26% more revenue for each country added—within just one week of adding another country or language.

With our new technology, taking your mobile application global can be fast and easy. At MTM LinguaSoft, we combine the highest quality professional translation services with powerful technology to make localizing your mobile app a snap.

This technology is the newest and fastest out there and is constantly being improved. It also comes with enterprise level support, provides the highest levels of security, and includes a translation management system with a Translation Memory that will be constantly updated with your translated content so that reuse of past translations can be maximized.

If you have a dynamic website, portal or mobile app requiring localization, contact us for more information and to arrange a demo.