From left: Kristin, Myriam, Jen, Kathy, Ken.

From left: Kristin, Myriam, Jen, Kathy, Ken.

This month, MTM LinguaSoft marks the end of our twelfth year in business, and the beginning of our thirteenth. Adolescence is a time of change, sometimes at an accelerated pace. Our thirteenth year has already proven to be a time of transitions. Two project managers have moved on, and two new project managers joined us.

Our project manager Enas Ibrahim had been with us since 2008. Enas earned her Bachelor’s degree in English-Arabic translation and interpretation at Al-Mustansiriyah University in Baghdad, Iraq. At MTM LinguaSoft her native fluency in Arabic and her skills as a vendor and project manager contributed greatly to the growth of the company. Last summer, she left our company to become a full-time medical interpreter at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Enas still joins us for Happy Hours and we always look forward to hearing stories about her work and travels.

Colleen Dwyer joined us as a project manager in 2012, bringing her fluency in Spanish and her experience with international customers for a medical device company. Over the two and a half years she spent with us, she made valuable contributions to the business, particularly in the area of customer care and processes. Colleen recently moved to Puerto Rico to pursue her master’s degree in translation. She is taking coursework at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras and immersing herself in a Spanish-speaking society while continuing to provide freelance translation and desktop publishing services.

Over the past few months, we have welcomed two new project managers:  Ken Farrall and Kristin Lynch. Ken’s fluency in spoken Mandarin Chinese has made him an invaluable asset in developing productive relationships with Chinese linguists as well as successfully bridging the cultural gap. He is also an accomplished web developer, and since we seek projects where language and technology issues are combined, we and our clients are benefitting from his technical capabilities and his sense of teamwork. Kristin Lynch comes to us with years of experience as a Spanish to English freelance translator and a Master’s in Translation Studies from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. We appreciate her language skills, her strong customer service orientation, and her keen understanding of the tools and perspectives of freelancers.

The biggest change in our 12th year was the retirement of our Marketing Manager, Kathy Quinn. Kathy and I have worked together for the past 8 years and her contributions to MTM LinguaSoft’s growth are significant. Under Kathy’s lead, we went through 3 versions of our website and we implemented a comprehensive marketing plan to support lead generation and clients’ retention efforts. Beyond being our webmaster and in-house copywriter and designer, Kathy’s willingness and interest in implementing new technology along with her sharp organization skills allowed the business to grow and operate efficiently. We will continue to benefit from the back-end tools she put in place. Without a doubt, Kathy will be missed and hard to replace. She will continue her volunteer work with the American Association of University Women, and plans to travel far and wide with her husband John. I personally wish her much joy and happiness during her retirement.

The “teen years” bring changes, but they are also a time of creativity and growth.  Thanks to our former and current team members, MTM LinguaSoft has established a foundation on which we will continue to build both as a business and as a member of the global community. Thank you for your support, stay tuned, and please keep in touch.