What do MTM LinguaSoft and Miss America have in common? They’re both stressing the importance of cultural competency in our increasingly diverse and globalized society.

Greising Law LLC, a Philadelphia law firm that represents clients in a variety of matters, including employment law, recently contacted Myriam Siftar, MTM LinguaSoft’s president, to get her comments for an article that they were preparing about Miss America called “What Every Business Person Needs to Know about Miss America.”

Nina Davuluri, the first woman of Indian descent to be crowned Miss America, ran on the platform “Celebrating Diversity through Cultural Competency.” The need for this was highlighted by the racist backlash she faced on line after being crowned.

Griesing Law took this opportunity to remind their business clients about the importance of cultural competence for increasing employee engagement, improving internal communication, creating a more productive workforce and attracting new clients and business opportunities. They also quote their client Exelon on the importance of diversity and inclusion in leveraging staff input, improving decision-making, and making all employees feel valued.

According to Griesing Law, cultural competency skills and diversity and inclusion policies may help your business manage legal risk. Click here to see the full article.