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MTM LinguaSoft handled the localization of two of its apps into Canadian French. The apps track action in the American National Hockey League (NHL) and National Football League (NFL). In this project the challenge wasn’t volume; it was the specialized sports terminology: How do you say “Shorthanded Assists” or “Kick Off Returns” in French?

The job was more difficult for the NFL app, because some terms did not have existing translations and had to be invented. To complicate it further, the rules of Canadian football differ from those of the NFL, s, even when two terms seemed parallel in English and French, further research might show that the concepts were somewhat different. It took a translator who was also a real sports fan to do this translation.

The translators also had to refer to a mock-up of the app to make sure that they understood the context in which all the strings appeared. See our blog post “How to Prepare Your Software Strings for Translation” for notes how to provide context for software localization.