ism logoIndependent School Management‘s online application, FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition), provides an online interface for parents and students to apply for financial aid. ISM wanted a Spanish version of the application to cater to the growing number of students coming from Spanish-speaking households. MTM LinguaSoft provided translations both for the parent handbook, which instructs parents in how to use the application, and for the user interface and navigation elements of the application. Later we translated the interface into Hebrew.

Other work for the same client included translation and DTP in Spanish of a number of booklets providing information to parents on choosing schools.

More recently, when it came time to translate FAST into Canadian French, the client submitted PHP files. Since we wanted to make sure that the integration of the translations back into the development platform was smooth, we looked around for an easier way to process those files. Most CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools cannot handle PHP files directly. We found and implemented an automated tool that significantly speeded up the file preparation task and, thus, the whole translation process—saving the client money and decreasing the time it took to take its new portal to market.