Chinese sign with english translation reading take care of your slipChina takes aim at funny signs

We’ve featured them in the “C’est What?” section of our old newsletters. Those badly translated, often humorous, English street signs found everywhere in Chinese cities. The Chinese government has been working hard to eliminate the street signs before the start of the Olympic games, at least in Beijing.

Chinese sign with english translation reading deformed man toilet

Users of the handicapped restroom might not appreciate this sign

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese embarrassed by the signs, have undertaken a months long campaign to eliminate them. The campaign includes linguistic monitors who patrol the streets spot-checking signs.

Considering the numerous examples of these signs circulating on the internet, it is unlikely that the Chinese will be completely successful in this campaign. Just plug the word “chinglish” into any search engine and check out the results.

Note added Feb 14 2014: Apparently China was not terribly successful in its campaign against Chinglish judging by pictures of various hilarious translations posted on Offbeat China in March 2011.

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