As a World Heritage City and the site of last fall’s World Council of Families, Philadelphia welcomes guests from around the world.  The Philadelphia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau compiles information about international visitors, and at their last annual meeting the PHLCVB revealed the top languages spoken by foreign tourists in countries visiting PHila

7. Italian. Philadelphia’s Italian-American pride shines through for visitors from Italy. From the Italian market, to our wide variety of Italian restaurants, to the statue of Philly’s favorite (fictional) son Rocky Balboa at the foot of the Art Museum steps, Philly’s Italian heritage is on display.

6. Spanish. Spain is the sixth largest foreign market for Philadelphia tourism, but the demand for translation should rightly place Spanish closer to the top. Philadelphia also welcomes visitors from Mexico and Latin America as well as bilinguals from within the United States. English into Spanish is our most frequently requested language pair at MTM LinguaSoft, and our project manager Kristin’s Spanish fluency comes in quite handy.

5. Hindi. Visitors from India speak many different Indian languages, but Hindi is the most common. India’s legacy of English-language education means that many Indian guests will speak English. However, it’s also important to understand the cultural differences that may impact the travel experience for visitors from a different culture.

4. French. Philadelphia loves the French. French architect Jacques Gréber designed the Ben Franklin Parkway in 1917 to emulate the Champs-Élysées in Paris, and many wonderful works by French artists are on display, most notably on the Parkway at the Rodin sculpture garden, the Barnes Foundation, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

3. German. The third largest group of travelers from overseas for both business and pleasure are from German-speaking countries. Daily flights direct from Frankfort and Munich make it an easy trip, and the past five years have seen a continuous increase in Philadelphia tourism represented in German-language tour catalogs and promotions.

2. Chinese. Chinese is in the second spot now, but by 2020 more travelers will come to Philadelphia from China than from any other country. Students attending American universities, business travelers visiting American partners, and a growing middle class eager to experience American culture have increased outbound travel from China. Here at MTM LinguaSoft, our project manager Ken, a fluent speaker of Mandarin, maintains strong ties with our Chinese-language linguists in China and the United States.

1. English. Currently the largest source of international travelers to Philadelphia is the UK. This fact makes it easier to communicate with these international guests once they’ve arrived, but enticing Brits to visit requires cultural adaptation of marketing messages to strike exactly the right tone.

Be prepared to greet your guests in their own language; email us at or call us at 215-729-6765. We’d love to help you reach out to potential visitors from around the world.

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