IDT logoIDT Biologika is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, producing vaccines and pharmaceuticals for human and animal health. The company’s sites in Germany include Dessau-Rosslau and the Riems district of Greifswald. IDT also operates subsidiaries and sales offices in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain, and China as well as two sites in North America. IDT Biologika draws on its animal health, vaccines, parenteral products, biological agents and drug packaging divisions to achieve revenues of over 200M Euro a year.

IDT_Intern_01_2016_Freigabe 1In 2014, we began working with the IDT Corporate Communications team to provide translations of the quarterly employee newsletter, IDT Intern, from German to English. Because IDT Global, the international version of the newsletter, is targeted to international employees, our translators are instructed to write for maximum accessibility to speakers of English as a second language. In addition to requiring that the text be lively yet easy to read, our translators have a solid background in translating for the pharmaceuticals industry so that the technical matter is rendered properly in English. Aside from some boilerplate information, there are very few repetitions across each new project. However, style, terminology, and tone need to be consistent across projects, so the translation memory has been an essential resource for our translators.  Since we first partnered with IDT, we’ve translated over 80,000 words’ worth of newsletters, press releases, and presentation materials.

Combining technical subject-matter expertise with fluid professional copywriting is one of our specialties at MTM LinguaSoft, and we are proud of our work with IDT Biologika.