A global manufacturer of equipment for a closely regulated industry needed translation of safety procedures and operating manuals for an overseas regulatory agency.  The technical content required a team of linguists with specialized knowledge of the subject domain. Real-time collaboration, rigorous oversight, and near-simultaneous review was made possible through Smartcat, a cloud-based translation platform used by project managers and translators around the world.

With so many stakeholders, this type of job requires nimble project management. Unexpected delays on the client side are not unusual, and sometimes changes in the source documents become necessary after the translation project has begun. Smartcat facilitated communication between team members to ensure changes were implemented consistently. Integration of the translation termbase (which was approved by all parties prior to project launch) supported use of preferred terminology. The built-in QA function issued alerts for linguistic errors and assured formatting tags were not altered during translation. This process was augmented by expert human review and proofreading, which followed translation immediately, compressing the turnaround time.  And, like most desktop CAT (Computer Assisted Technology) tools, Smartcat established an exportable translation memory to reduce the translation costs of future updates.

The entire project was completed over a period of 8 weeks, delivered on time, and approved by the regulatory agency. The flexibility and oversight of the Smartcat platform improved the process and outcome of this project. We expect to use it for many more to come.

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