PIM logoPhiladelphia International Medicine  provides international patients and physicians with access to an unmatched network of world-renowned doctors, surgeons and hospitals in Philadelphia, PA. It connects patients with providers, and it also connects providers with resources such as continuing medical education and healthcare management services.

As an organization with an international clientele, PIM knew that Google Translate was not adequate for communicating with its most important clients. MTM LinguaSoft translated and localized PIM’s landing page into Spanish and Arabic.

PIM Spanish

PIM Arabic

One of the challenges of localizing into Arabic is the need to “flip” not only the text, but the entire design. Arabic, like Farsi and Hebrew, reads from right to left. The screen shots below illustrate this process – notice that the far left hand icon for the Spanish translation (“Who is Philadelphia International Medicine?”) appears on the far right side on the Arabic page, because this is the first information the reader should encounter.


In the process of translating the landing pages, a translation memory was created. A translation memory ensures that after one project is translated, if the same text appears in another project for the same client, it is already pre-translated and the translated text just needs to be proofread in-context. Using a TM allows for better accuracy and consistency as well as greater ROI on the translation efforts.

The maintenance of the TM allowed MTM LinguaSoft to provide discounts on next projects such as translating a marketing brochure, patient booklets and forms into Spanish and Arabic.

To view Philadelphia International Medicine’s foreign language landing pages, the Spanish page is here, and the Arabic page is here.