Cisco-Eagle specializes in material handling systems, equipment and services for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and other industrial operations. The company provides conveyor systems, racks and storage equipment, mezzanines, automation, and other products for safe, productive operations. In order to reach its growing base of Spanish-speaking clients, Cisco-Eagle came to MTM LinguaSoft for translation of their website into Spanish.

The English version of the website includes full descriptions of all Cisco-Eagle’s services and products. Before translation, we needed to be sure that all the content had been exported from the site. The easiest and most reliable path for export from a website to our Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool varies depending on the client’s Content Management System (CMS). Typical export formats are .PO files, XML exports, and Excel spreadsheets with embedded HTML. For WordPress, the most popular CMS, it is common to get site exports in .PO files. Other popular CMSs, like Drupal and Joomla, can export into XML files. For Cisco-Eagle, which uses CMS Made Simple, we worked with an Excel export.

Once all site content was exported, we ran a pseudo-translation. The pseudo-translation allows us to confirm all translatable text has been captured. It also highlights any potential layout or character display issues before translation starts. Our translation team of linguists with specialized industry knowledge translated all text using the CAT tool to ensure consistency and to establish a translation memory (TM) for future updates.

After our team delivered the finished text, the files were converted into a spreadsheet format to be imported to the new Cisco-Eagle Spanish site. The Spanish site went online and, together with the client, Ken worked with our team to provide localization testing. Testing by Spanish-speaking users familiar with the industry allows the client to evaluate the finished product in the context of its use. These additional perspectives allowed our editing team to ensure the translated content was integrated properly into the site.

Our client writes:

When Cisco-Eagle decided to create Spanish language versions of their web pages, we needed to find a translation service to help us. We obtained quotes from two services. The first quote we received for translation services was to the point, but lacking any detail of what they would do and how the process worked. MTM LinguaSoft provided the other quote, and it was very complete and professional, outlining their processes and letting us know what we could expect. When we had questions the staff at MTM LinguaSoft took their time to provide the answers we needed.

We awarded the project to MTM LinguaSoft because of the quality of their quotation, even though the quotation provided by the other company was at a lower price. Our decision proved to be justified as the translation process went well, and they willingly worked with us as we made tweaks and adjustments to finish the pages. Their review of the finished pages were a great help in finding any outstanding issues. We would not hesitate to recommend MTM LinguaSoft for translation services, and will use them again for future projects.

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