eastman logoEastman is a global chemical company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, additives, specialty chemicals, and fibers. MTM LinguaSoft has been translating and localizing employee training materials for the Eastman global workforce for several years.  This most recent project provided information security training for all employees.  MTM LinguaSoft translated and localized the e-learning module into nine languages:  Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Finnish, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Mexican), and Russian.



The e-learning software Articulate Storyline was used to create the source module.  Because there were so many target languages, our project manager Ken carefully evaluated the source texts to anticipate the translators’ queries and discuss them with the client before assigning the project.  If a query should arise after the translation has begun on such a project, or a passage is ambiguous, the solution would need to be communicated to 9 different translation teams.  Ken’s familiarity with the subject matter was a real asset, both in clarifying issues with the client and in communicating solutions to the translators.

Everyone learns best in their own language.
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The Articulate Storyline software lends itself well to the translation workflow because the modules can be exported as Microsoft Word documents, then imported into the CAT tool Studio.  Studio filters out the formatting tags, leaving only the text for translation.



After the translation teams completed the translation and proofreading, Ken uploaded the target files then reformatted each language-module in Articulate Storyline to accommodate text expansion or contraction. The proofreaders then gave their final approval on exports of the final pages. Because the client followed best practices to prepare for localization, there were no images with embedded text. If there had been, these would have been localized separately and re-integrated into the foreign language Storyline module.

E-learning is becoming more and more essential for employee training of multinational companies.  Other typical e-learning software includes Adobe Captivate, Lectora, ToolBook and others.  MTM LinguaSoft specializes in localizing e-learning projects in these and other file formats. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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