Prepare your business for global expansion with cross-cultural training. Business practices and assumptions vary across cultures, and cultural misunderstandings can derail your team’s best efforts to establish strong and profitable international relationships.

Explore cultural differences between the US and Germany, France, Sweden, and the United Arab Emirates.

Cultural Training: A Great Investment

Cross-cultural training—also called cultural competence training—helps your team anticipate, recognize, and avoid conflicts that arise from different cultural perspectives and protocols. Cross-cultural competence fosters:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Fewer costly errors
  • Increased employee morale
  • Reduced turnaround time

Anyone working in a diverse cultural environment can benefit from cross-cultural training.

Cultural Competence Assessment and Custom Training Plans

MTM LinguaSoft will assess your team’s cultural competence and prepare custom training to

  • Increase appreciation of cultural differences
  • Identify situations in which cultural differences are likely to cause misunderstandings
  • Develop strategies for minimizing misunderstandings
  • Improve cross-cultural communication skills

Our cultural consultants can focus on a specific region or country. We leverage our extensive network of consultants to address the challenges specific to your business.

MTM LinguaSoft in the Philadelphia Business Journal:
Cultural awareness training: a new “must” for business


Cultural training can focus on a variety of key topics

  • Cultural awareness training
  • Leadership training for managing across cultures
  • Global team facilitation and training
  • Virtual global team training
  • Talent development in a global setting
  • Training in cross-cultural communications skills
  • Country-specific training
  • Breaking the “linguistic glass ceiling” for non-native English speakers


multicultural business team

Cultural training can take place in a variety of formats

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Classroom training and interactive workshops
  • Group facilitation and coaching
  • Online Training


We can help your workforce achieve global cultural competence.
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