street sign with Core Values written on it
During the past year, the team at MTM LInguaSoft took some time to examine the values that we all share—values that make us a strong team and an efficient and reliable language partner. The act of putting these values on paper was a great exercise. It had us all mulling over our past experiences at MTM LinguaSoft and asking ourselves what we valued about working here and how those shared values strengthen our commitment to our many partners and customers.

Here is the list we came up with:

Core Values

  1. Creating compelling and culturally relevant multilingual content
  2. Improving and simplifying workflows with innovative technologies
  3. Meeting clients’ needs through consultative and customized approaches
  4. Maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, linguists and employees based on fairness and mutual respect.
  5. Being personally accountable
  6. Promoting an environment of continuous learning and knowledge sharing

One thing was clear to us when we finished: We at MTM LinguaSoft never stand still. We are always improving our knowledge of the latest technology and localization approaches, and keeping the lines of communication with clients and partners open to get the optimal collaboration. And all of us feel personally responsible for upholding these values and doing the best work possible.

Our 5-StepProcess

For a long time, the translation of written materials (brochures, manuals, flyers) was by far the biggest part of our work. These days a job is just as likely to involve website or software localization, video subtitling and/or voice-overs, or cultural assessments or training. Our work involves keeping up with technology and approaches in all of these areas as well as in technology directly related to the translation process.

Meanwhile, the concept of translation quality has evolved somewhat with some clients looking to go beyond translation to the “transcreation” of marketing materials, while others are willing to accept a less than perfect translation in exchange for a lower price and greater speed for some purposes. Accuracy is always important, but a perfectly proofread version is not always necessary.

Considering these changes, we came up with a new 5-Step Process Chart (shown below), which highlights the steps we take at each stage of your translation project to make sure that each individual client gets what they need while we continually learn from and improve due to our experiences and feedback.

Click on the image below to see the full-sized chart:

Click here to download process chart as PDF