Website Translation & Localization Services

MTM LinguaSoft provides professional website translation, website localization and website internationalization services for organizations of any size. We will always work with your developer to choose the most efficient process to translate your website with a minimum of manual text extraction and re-insertion. For large projects and those with frequent updates, we also offer a highly automated workflow solution that can save you both time and money.

Whether you are launching a new website or developing microsites or foreign language landing pages for marketing your products overseas, we can help you achieve your goals. In addition to translating the content of your website, we can provide pre-live localization testing and multilingual SEO to make sure that your localized website will be user-friendly, effective, and, most importantly, can be searched for and found by your multilingual audience.

Globalization Readiness Assessment

Our localization specialists will conduct a review of your site before we translate. Website translation and internationalization can be negatively impacted by certain technical and design elements and issues. We can suggest changes that will facilitate the localization process. Our cultural consultants and linguists around the world can advise on the cultural suitability of the elements of your website, including color, graphics, tone, and layout, and offer cultural customization of specific elements in order to appeal to your audience(s).

Multilingual SEO/SEM

Multilingual SEO (search engine optimization) includes tactics like writing, designing, coding, and updating websites to rank highly on search engines. Multilingual SEM (search engine marketing) goes further to include other “off-page” tactics, such as pay per click advertising and social media marketing. These activities are just as important for your foreign language sites as they are for your flagship site if you want to reach your intended audience.

Our basic website translation service already supports your SEO efforts by ensuring that the proper language encoding is present and that all content, including meta data and page URLs, are translated.

We also offer these additional SEO/SEM services to complement our website translation work:

  • Advice on site structure and hosting
  • Multilingual keyword research by in-country researchers who speak the native language and are familiar with local search engines.
  • Foreign language copy editing to incorporate new keywords
  • Complete transcreation of all or parts of the foreign language sites to increase their appeal to the intended audiences. (See our Marketing & Advertising Translation page.)
  • Research on the best social networks for attracting people to your site.
  • Localization of PPC campaigns and digital advertising.

Automated Localization Workflow

We offer a full-service, highly automated workflow solution for websites that can save you both time and money. By working with a technology that automates many of the typical steps involved in web globalization projects, you can minimize or completely eliminate the time that your developers and engineers must spend on website localization work. This technology is particularly suited for websites with large volumes of text, multiple languages, and/or frequent content updates. The process is transparent; clients can easily monitor the progress of a project. No matter which content management system you use, we can provide you with high-quality human translation, powered by a robust workflow technology with enterprise-level support and the highest levels of security.

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Tin Cans Unlimited

Philadelphia Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Influence Interactive

York Saw & Knife

Valtech Corporation

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