Professional Translation Services

MTM LinguaSoft provides professional translation services in all languages for all types of documents and digital media. We deliver localized content that is clear, accurate and compelling. Leveraging our network of professional translators, we allocate specialists and experts for business and technical translation in industries including Manufacturing, Information Technology, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Marketing & Advertising, Tourism & Hospitality, Education & Outreach, and others. For marketing, advertising, and promotional material we provide transcreation: translation plus native-language copywriting and brand localization to creatively adapt your message for your foreign language audience. Our multilingual desktop publishing services will make your translated brochures, posters, and other branded material look great in any language.

Translation services to meet your specific needs

We offer different levels of service depending on the purpose of the translation:

  • Basic Quality: a two-step process with translation by a professional translator with appropriate expertise, followed by an in-house quality check to ensure consistency and completeness. This level is perfectly acceptable for some situations. Our specialized translators deliver near-perfect translations.
  • Publication Quality: a three-step process with translation by a professional translator, proofreading by a second, independent linguist and the in-house quality check. This is recommended for any materials that are for publication, marketing, or any other purpose where error-free text is essential.
  • Machine Translation (MT) and Post-Editing: the text is preprocessed by automated translation software and the resulting translation is proofread by a professional translator to ensure that it is fully comprehensible. This process is the least expensive, but the result may not be as fluent as translation that relies on professional translators only. It is also not suitable for all types of materials. (See “When You Should Use Machine Translation.”)
  • Post-Editing Only: If you already have materials that have been translated using MT, depending upon the quality of that translation, we may be able to provide post-editing alone.

Terminology management with state-of-the-art technology

We build and use translation memories (TMs) and industry and client-specific multilingual glossaries. The benefits to our clients are significant:

  • Improved quality and consistency: The same terminology is used throughout translated material across multiple projects for the same company.
  • Faster turnaround time: Translators do not have to re-translate every repeated sentence or paragraph.
  • Cost savings: Repeated content and TM matches from earlier translations are charged at only 1/3 the usual rates. This can mean substantial savings over time. (See our fact sheet “Translation Memories”.)

Quality assurance

Our publication-ready translation services include editing and proofreading, so at least two language specialists will review the translated text. The final quality check emphasizes language accuracy, formatting, layouts, aesthetics and final closure on all client instructions. We take quality assurance very seriously, and have developed standardized, objective means for assessing linguistic quality through our QA Model for Linguistic Quality Assurance. For detailed information on our quality assurance process for documents, websites, software localization, and other materials, please contact us at and request a copy of our full set of Quality Control / Quality Assurance procedures and checklists.

Professional translators with industry expertise

Our professional translators and linguists, who translate only into their native language and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience, are screened, tested and subject to regular peer reviews. They also hold advanced degrees in engineering, computer science, biotechnology, business, finance and other specialized fields or can demonstrate at least 15 years of working experience in a specialized domain. These criteria along with contemporary cultural acumen from their native country are essential for creating compelling, accurate and culturally-relevant multilingual content.

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