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“Technical Writers Can Benefit from Cross-cultural Training” by Myriam Siftar in the national magazine of the Society for Technical Communication.


GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) Blog (May 5 2015)

In “Project Managers: How can cultural competency skills help us work smarter?,” MTM LinguaSoft’s partner liaison Jennifer Horner discusses how cultural training can benefit translation and localization project managers.


Executive Leaders Radio (Apr 7 2015)

Interview with Myriam Siftar


 Global Trade Magazine (Mar 7 2015)

“The Limits of Guerrilla Linguistics” points out the need for developing real cultural intelligence for long-term international business relations. (Nov 10 2014)

Article about MTM LinguaSoft and its specialization in localization engineering.


ATA Chronicle (May 2014)

In this issue of the flagship publication of the American Translators Association, Enas Ibrahim’s article, “11 Tips for Freelance Translators from a Project Manager,” shares her ideas on how translators can develop more productive working relationships with language services agencies.


Middle Market Executive (Apr 10 2014)

Myriam Siftar’s article, “Doing Business with Other Cultures: Good for the Middle-Market’s Bottom Line,” talks about how cultivating business with other cultures is so important and how to prepare for it.


Griesing Law LLC Blog (Oct 29 2013)

Myriam Siftar quoted in piece about new Miss America and campaign for cultural competence.


Executive Leaders Radio (Apr 5 2013)

Interview with Myriam Siftar


Philadelphia Business Journal Blog Guest Post (Apr 1 2013)

Myriam Siftar’s guest piece focuses on the growing importance of cultural training for American business.


Philadelphia NAWBO Membership Spotlight (Feb 2013)

Myriam Siftar was featured during the month of February in the Members’ Spotlight Section on the National Association of Women Business Owners, Philadelphia chapter.


SmartCEO Magazine (Oct 2012)

Myriam Siftar was interviewed for the SmartCEO’s CEO Forum section where the topic of the month was International Expansion. Her comments, titled “English, please?,” appear on page 14.


News & Views (Apr 2012)

“For Technical Translation, Best Practices Start with Technical Communication,” by Myriam Siftar in the newsletter of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.


Direct Views (Jan/Feb 2012)

“Why It’s Smart to Prepare for Translation Now,” by Myriam Siftar in the magazine of the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association.

World Links Newsletter (November 2011)

MTM LinguaSoft is World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia Member of the Month after winning the 2010 Philadelphia 100 award.


Marketing News Exclusives (Sep 2 2010)

“Member Perspective: The Perils of Using Automated Translation on Your Website” by Myriam Siftar in a newsletter of the American Marketing Association.


Philly Creative Guide (Nov 2009)

MTM LinguaSoft is a featured creative firm for the month.


Intercom (Sep/Oct 2009)

“E-Learning Without Borders: Tips for Designing E-learning Modules with Translation in Mind” by Myriam Siftar in the national magazine of the Society for Technical Communication.


eLearning Guild eBook (May 2009)

Myriam Siftar’s tip on choosing authoring software included in 65 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your e-Learning Budget.


GPCC News (Jan 2009)

MTM LinguaSoft’s pro bono website translation work for a local nursery school featured in the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce newsletter.


Pennsylvania Business Central (Sep 9 – Oct 8 2008)

Feature article on MTM LinguaSoft and Myriam Siftar.


Multilingual magazine (Oct/Nov 2008)

Review by Myriam Siftar of SumTotal’s ToolBook Translation System software.


Philadelphia Business Journal (Jun 2 2008)

Feature article on MTM LinguaSoft’s website translation work in the Small Business section.


L’EDITION (Summer 2008)

Profile of MTM LinguaSoft in the newsletter of the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia.


NETA News (Summer 2008)

Review of Myriam Siftar’s presentation at the 2008 conference of the New England Translators Association.


University City Review (Sep 2007)

Op ed by Myriam Siftar on the occasion of International Translation Day 2007 arguing for easier immigration for Iraqi interpreters.


Philadelphia Business Journal (Feb 13 2006)

Interview with Myriam Siftar about the benefits of website globalization.


Multilingual magazine (Jul 2006)

“Hospitality, Business, Success,” by Myriam Siftar and Lisa Verdon, CEO and founder of the Joint Middle East American Trade Center in Philadelphia, on developing business relationships in the Middle East.


GPCC News (Jun 2006)

“Wide include the world in your wide web?”, by Myriam Siftar in the newsletter of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.


Thinking Aloud (June 6 2004)

“Why should website localization matter to you?,” by Myriam Siftar in the WorldWIT biweekly newsletter.

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