Multimedia Translation & Localization

Digital multimedia content is a powerful means of delivering advertisements, training modules, or trade show presentations or how-to videos.  Cultural customization of translated media will ensure it resonates with your audience. Whether you need an English production adapted for a foreign audience, or you are developing new materials expressly for a foreign audience, MTM LinguaSoft can handle the many facets of multimedia translation and localization.

Pre-translation Cultural Assessment

Cultural references such as images, idioms, concepts, and colors can strike audiences in unintended ways. We can provide pre-translation consulting for media being adapted for foreign audiences. Cultural assessment will raise red flags if specific visual elements or concepts need to be changed prior to localization.

Script Translation

No matter what the topic of your production, MTM LinguaSoft’s experience in technical translation and marketing translation means that we will do justice to your script. Whether you are a manufacturer with a video explaining a specialized production technique, or a pharmaceutical company with a clinical trials training module, we have the translators with the subject matter knowledge to do the job right.


Our native language translators and editors also provide accurate subtitling services.

Voice-over casting, recording, and production

When it comes time to find foreign language voice-over talent, MTM LinguaSoft will screen the artists according to your specifications (age, sex, tonal quality, regional accent, etc.) and, at your request, will provide sample recordings of different voices from which you can choose. We can also advise you on the type of voice that would be most effective with your target audience.

Foreign-language voice-over recordings will be timed to coincide with your visuals and provided in the file format you specify or one readily convertible into other formats.

MTM LinguaSoft has handled recordings for many types of video and audio projects, including promotional videos, e-learning modules, software prompts, interactive voice response telephone systems, and audio tours.

E-learning and surveys

All of the elements of multimedia localization come together in survey and e-learning localization. These also require the technical work of software localization,user interface design and localization testing. We specialize in this type of digital multimedia and can work with outputs from a variety of programs including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, FrameMaker, MadCap, Qualtrics, and ToolBook. Please contact us for any other authoring tools.

Sample Projects

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American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Global Philadelphia Association

Wine Gadgets LLC

HTH Worldwide

Frontline Technologies

Bahia Honda State Park


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