E-learning Localization

As e-learning has become the solution of choice for a variety of educational and training purposes, e-learning localization has become a significant part of MTM LinguaSoft’s business. From internationalization of the initial course modules to adaptation for a particular audience, we can help.

People from different cultures may learn in different ways. That is why a pre-translation cultural assessment is an important part of our e-learning localization services. The assessment, carried out by our resources with relevant in-country training experience, will consider:

  • accessibility: how is the application delivered, introduced and presented to the local audience?
  • expectations: how well are the expectations of the learning experience communicated to the local audience?
  • style and content: how well is the source content written—in terms of consistency and cultural and humorous references?

Our e-learning localization experience has covered a variety of formats including modules created using commercial e-learning authoring programs such as Captivate, Articulate, and ToolBook.

MTM LinguaSoft’s e-learning localization services include:

  • Analysis of e-learning applications for localization readiness
  • Pre-translation cultural assessment
  • Review of applications to determine what content (including graphics and audio/video content) needs localization
  • Translation and proofreading by our experienced, professional translators
  • Localization of graphics
  • Foreign language voice-overs
  • Subtitling
  • Thorough testing and Quality Assurance

Of course, we can also handle the translation and localization of any related print materials, such as user manuals, study guides, etc.

For in-depth information about and best practices for e-learning translation and localization, download our Localization Quick Guide.

See also our Software Localization service page.

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