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Our language solutions enhance the growth of our clients in foreign markets and in multicultural environments within the U.S. We create compelling and culturally-relevant multilingual content for marketing, branding, and technical communications. Digital media are our specialty.

Featured White Paper

Tips for Saving Money on Translation

Beware false economies in translation. You can have a translation done for cheap or for free, but a serious mistake can cost you dearly. Here’s how to stretch your translation budget without compromising quality.   Read more …

Featured Project

Technical Translation and Copywriting: IDT Biologika

IDT Biologika is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, producing vaccines and pharmaceuticals for human and animal health. The company’s sites in Germany include Dessau-Rosslau and the Riems district of Greifswald. IDT … Read More

Latest Blog Post

What is “text expansion” and how does it impact translation and localization?

The short answer is, some languages require more space than others to express the same thing. When translating from English into Korean, you should expect the Korean written result to take up 10-15% less space … Read More

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