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Our language solutions enhance the growth of our clients in foreign markets and in multicultural environments within the U.S. We create compelling and culturally-relevant multilingual content for marketing, branding, and technical communications. Digital media are our specialty.

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The ROI of Translation

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Technical Translation: Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Inc. has been a leader in the design and manufacture of bearings for all types of rotating machinery, with hundreds of installations worldwide. With its long experience in technical translation, MTM LinguaSoft has successfully handled the translation of Kingsbury’s user manuals, operating manuals and installation instructions into a variety of languages….Read More

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How Do We Ensure the Quality You Need?

Quality Assurance methods in translation and localization have been rapidly evolving. Ideally, every translation for public use would be the error-free product of professional human translators. But the changing landscape of language service needs has made a single standard like this not just impractical but impossible….Read More